Purchase hearth pads for stoves from reputable suppliers in Rochester, MN

Protect your Floors With a High-Quality Hearth Pad

You want a freestanding stove, but you don't want your floors to take a hit from the heat. What do you do? Invest in a quality hearth pad. Energy Products and Design offers hearth pads for stoves. We have a wide selection of high-quality stove boards made from stone, tile, metal and glass. Purchase one today to take the first step toward protecting your floors.

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Read more about these pads and their benefits:

  • Hearth pads are used for both wood and gas freestanding stoves.
  • While optional for most gas stoves, hearth pads are used to meet the installation and safety requirements of both a gas and wood stove.
  • Hearth pads make the installation of a gas or wood stove more convenient; they relieve the owner of having to remodel or update their flooring to meet installation requirements.
  • Hearth pads are available in a variety of materials, shapes, and finishes; tile, stone, metal, and glass.

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