Buy a freestanding gas stove for your home in Rochester, MN

Have Reliable Backup for Your Home

You can't predict when your heater may fail, but you can plan for the unknown. Invest in a freestanding gas stove as a reliable backup heat source. Energy Products and Design has gas heating stoves for sale in the Rochester, MN area. The brands we work with are Kozy Heat and J√łtul, and we offer a wide range of style and color options to choose from.

Before making your selection

Consider the following benefits of these systems:

  • Gas Stoves are an efficient way to heat a home.
  • Gas Stoves range in style from traditional to modern.
  • Gas Stoves are easy and convenient.
  • Gas Stoves can be a great back up source of heat in a power outage.
  • Gas Stoves require less room than their gas fireplace counterparts.
  • Gas stove don't require the time and effort of burning a traditional wood fire.

We're happy to go over your options. Contact our team now to get started.


GF160 DV Modern Cast Stone
GF160 DV Modern Cast
GF370 DV Modern Cast Glass
GF370 DV Modern Cast Log
Jotul GF160 DV Modern Cast Stone
GF200 Lillehammer Trad
GF300 DV Allagash Trad
GF400 DV Sebago Trad
GF500 DV Portland Trad

Kozy Heat

Oakport18 Dining Room
Oakport18 Prairie Room