Invest in a wood stove from Energy Products and Design in Rochester, MN

Keep Your Home Cozy During the Winter

Are you searching for an energy-efficient heating option for your home? Consider a wood stove. Energy Products and Design has a wide selection of stunning wood burning stoves from reputable brands like Pacific Energy, Blaze King, J√łtul and MF Fire.

Wood Stove Benefits

Aside from their beauty, wood stoves come with endless benefits. Learn more about them here:

  • Many woodstoves meet strict EPA low emissions guidelines and are very clean burning.
  • Wood stoves offer a sense of energy independence for their owners.
  • Most woodstoves provide very long burn times between reloading (many boasting burn times of 10 hours or more.)

Our team is happy to go over your options and explain the benefits of our products in detail. Contact our team in Rochester, MN to learn more.