We offer gas stoves for sale in Rochester, MN

Heat Your Space With an Efficient Stove

You can spread warmth throughout your space by adding a gas stove. To choose from a wide selection of gas stoves for sale, look to Energy Products and Design. We sell traditional and modern stoves in Rochester, MN.

A gas stove will:

  • Include convenient controls
  • Provide heat during a power outage
  • Require little time or effort to use
  • Occupy less space than a gas fireplace

Contact us today to find out about our gas stoves for sale. You can call 507-289-7496 or use the form on the Contact Us page to email us.

Add a wood stove to your space

We also offer wood stoves for sale, so you won't have to rely on an external source for energy. You can choose a clean-burning stove that meets EPA emissions standards. Many of our stoves can burn for 10 hours or more before needing more fuel. For a free estimate on a wood stove for sale, get in touch with us now.